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  Artists Profile: Azubuike Ani

Azubuike Ani was born in Nigeria and at just aged 10 he set his sights on moving to England. This move to London was an explosion of artistic and creative possibilities for an artist whose creativity and concept stems from a dream like consciousness.

Irrespective of his art training, he is a self-taught artist whose Art is directly from the imagination, with his paintings symbolizing all things we dream up. Azuís paintings explore organic landscapes and surreal fantasies, with his memories of West Africa as his main source of inspiration, continually being refreshed by frequent visits back home. His canvases explore landscapes of nomadic herdsman and ceremonies associated with rites of passages.

Through viewing Azuís work it is evident the influence that 1930 and 1940ís Art has on his painting style. Considering the great Salvador Dali as his stylistic inspiration, it is undeniable that Azuís artistic talent is a rare find. Surrealist in style, his works possess a smooth tonality and through each painting he creates a unique dialogue exposing his thoughts and inner consciousness to the viewer. For Azu painting is all about sharing the pleasure, sharing the experience.

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