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  Artists Profile: Edward Ofosu - Born in Ghana (1973)

From the age of eight Edward knew I would be an artist. I wanted to paint as a career but was encouraged to study science by my family.

By 1997 I could no longer ignore the creative passion so started painting in my spare time. As a self-taught artist, I have learnt from magazines and other painters' work. Itís been my will to embrace my creative talent and share it with others and continue working with what comes naturally. Throughout the years I have improved and acquired a state of inner peace by following my inner sense and want to convey the importance of communing with our soul through my work.

My works are versatile because I enjoy experimenting with various mediums and forms of artwork. Presently my works are based on realism and the exploration of enlightenment through depictions of the female body in an abstract form. Visionary artist Alex Grey and Leonardo Da Vinci have been my source of inspiration.

I moved to London six years ago and have participated in various exhibitions. In 2009 I was a runner up in the Artist of the year award, organized by Artists & Illustrators magazine.

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