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  Artists Profile: Carol John

A daughter of the Caribbean, Artist Carol John was born in Kinston, Jamaica. Her early childhood was spent with her grandmother in the countryside of St Anns. Like many other children of her time, she relocated to the United Kingdom where she joined her parents, and still lives with her husband and four children. It was in Secondary school where she began to draw prolifically. It seemed normal to her and so she did not think anything of it, until her teacher made a point of her style. He stated that she had a natural ability in art. And so not knowing what to do after leaving school, Carol made a decision to pursue art as a career.

Reading Art College was the next step where she studied a foundation course in Art and Design. Here she was encouraged further to continue her artwork by the teachers who took notice of her unique style. Leaving college lead her worked in the print industry as an artist, and took on a variety of jobs before starting her family. Running a family meant that Carol found little time for painting, despite this fact she was still able to sell and exhibit her work in various places.

Even though she received an MA in Theology in 2005, Carol chose to turn back to what she loved best, art, and start her own greeting cards business, Art n Spice Creations. Since that day, Carol’s cards and paintings have been featured from shops to exhibitions, collected throughout Britain and the rest of the world. This has opened doors for her to participate in projects such as book illustration and speaker at events and on the radio.

Carol works on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, canvas material, glass and ceramic, using acrylic, oils and watercolour. ‘The Caribbean culture, community and rural setting from my youth have a strong influence on my work along side with my love of movement, colour and vibrancy of Africa’.

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