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  Artists Profile: Ayesha Feisal

For as long as I can remember, I always loved to draw and wanted to create things. At an early age I was studying things around me and filling my sketchbook with drawings. At this stage it was really just still life objects as I worked to improve my drawing skills...

I went on to do A Levels then a Foundation course in art and design, but it was not until my degree course that I began to find a true meaning and sense to my work. During this time I had also become a mother. I found that my history, culture and relationships took on greater significance and started to heavily influence my work.

After graduating with a Graphic Fine Art degree I spent time in New York working on community based projects. When I returned to London, I set up studio in Haringey’s Chocolate Factory which remained my base for many years.

I am primarily a painter but more recently I have been producing sculptures in leather. I love to combine various techniques and processes when creating a piece. At present my work is entirely figurative as I find the body and the spirits within them a constant source of interest.

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