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Artists Profile: Akeisha Walters

Akeisha Walters a London based artist who grew up in the diverse community of Brixton, South London.

As the younger of two children from with what she describes as a strong Caribbean tradition, Akeisha was a reserved child who demonstrated her creative talents at an early age.

She enrolled at London College of Fashion in 2009 to study fashion and art and developed her unique style through Ancient cultural textiles and figures. Her work evolved rapidly through working with African cloth and illustration and she gradually merged the two to create her trademark style.

Akeisha’s debut exhibition, Art at the Palace, in October 2010 was curated by Alvin Kofi of Kofi Arts. She also exhibited in, African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora 2011 Festival at the Bargehouse in London’s Southbank which celebrated black talent throughout the creative disciplines.

She has launched an exclusive range of greeting cards portraying beautifully adorned women using her trademark mixed media.

The result is a young and talented artist who demonstrates an amazing contemporary style which embraces the qualities of the African Woman and traditional African adornment.

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