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Alexandra Galleries is the number one source to buy art prints, posters and original art, with the right piece to lighten up your living room or do wonders in the workplace.
We are especially proud to promote the work of both established and up-and-coming Black British Artists and African American Artists, with works of art, prints and posters inspired by the black experience as well as by leading black figures in public life.
Along with outstanding work by international black artists such as Monica StewartDavid Garibaldi, Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy, MBE and Paul Goodnight, Alexandra Galleries also aims to introduce our customers to emerging Black British Artists.
We are confident that you will love works by the likes of Alvin Kofi, Jennifer Lewis and Jerry Blankson as they follow prominent black artists like Steve McQueen and Chris Ofili in bringing exciting Black British Art into the mainstream.
Click on our Events Calendar for details of upcoming exhibitions and events featuring leading black artists, or view our shop to purchase one of our featured art originals, print artworks or motivational posters.
We believe original art, prints or poster art pieces can transform spaces and bring inspiration at just the right time, and we are confident that our wide range of works by African American and British Artists can instantly make-over your home or office.
At Alexandra Galleries we have a deep understanding of what our artworks means and how art can affect people, and we can help you in purchasing an artwork for the home or office that is not only visually stunning but comes with a special meaning or purpose.
We are always adding new and exciting artworks and posters to our collection and are always on the lookout for the latest developments from Black British Artists, so why not sign up to our newsletter and stay informed on our latest new releases, our regular special offers and art sales.

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